Art gallery in Sainte-Marine, Finistere, Britanny: Permanent exhibition

Sainte Marine, real jewel on the South Finistere (End of the Land) coast, in the Bigouden country, in Brittany.
It brings out a muted and soft atmosphere, a relaxed and joyful ambiance.
This little port seemed to be a dreamed shelter to drop my anchor and create the gallery of Sainte Marine. Constructed in 2018, inaugurated in August 2018 in a very warm atmosphere. The gallery opening encountered a very positive welcome.
You will find permanent, temporary, thematic exhibitions of the photograph and author Catherine Thurel as well as concrete sculptures of the same artist.
The future of this gallery: open itself to other talented artists and allow them to freely express themselves. And why not following towards of a little artistic center where sharing, creation, emotion and freedom would be the keywords.


Installation views